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We believe the finest wines were meant to be shared in the company of good friends.

In 2005, Waterfront Cellars dedication, passion, and focus launched a search for the "Holy Grail" of wines, a quest for which money was no object, no vineyard out of reach, no wine maker untapped.

Created from the finest fruit sources in the hallowed ground of Napa Valley, the ultimate cellared barrels of “Religion” Cabernet Sauvignon was born.

In 2021 our quest continues with the launch of our newest creation “Religious” Chardonnay.

Our goal is to produce the ultimate wine(s) each year and share this passion with you, our friends and family of Religion Wine.

We believe you will find our latest offerings to be exceptional and among the best Napa has to offer. Our new “Religion” stands up to its heritage as a superb full bodied killer Cabernet. While our newest offering, “Religious” Chardonnay is the perfect every day accomplice.

This region has produced numerous 100-point wines and we're all about reaching that pinnacle.

The expected high demand and low volume anticipates a rationed availability. In a spirit of friendship and fairness, we want to ensure an allocation to all members so a maximum allotment may be imposed by necessity. We recommend your placing an order (or pre-order) as soon as possible after your notification of availability, and we will do our very best to fill your requests prior to a release to the general public.

We thank you sincerely for your support and hope you continue to share in our dream. This is a dream to which we can say, "CHEERS".

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